Saturday, 9 September 2017

Posting from France

With apologies to the blog readers. This administrator is having difficulties posting from Europe. More to come in 4 weeks time. If internet access becomes easier I shall be making earlier posts. Cheers.

Further congratulationS

Natalie Jackson is to be congratulated for her entry in Fire & Fibre exhibition. She received the people's choice award. Well done!!

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


CONGRATULATIONS to our former Group Leader Colleen Castledine on her Judges Choice win at the annual Fire, Fibre & Fine Arts at Stirling Street Art Centre. Please refer to our Facebook page for a photo of her amazing work. I am unable to post it here at the moment and shall post this well deserved winning piece of work as early as is possible. 

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

A Cape Town Blog

After a huge 'run around' to get onto this account, here I am again with much relief. Google you are annoying at times!! As, I believe it is  in WA, cold and overcast, it is the same here, the only difference being that much needed rain is in the air on this Southern tip of Africa.......just the kind of weather for felters....Laurence is taking a short holiday back in Australia so this keeper can let you have a peek from down here, and send you BFG news and check out the Cape Town felting/textile scene for you.

The Felters were set to work at the July meeting by Jean who demonstrated her stunning double layered neckpieces.
Photos still to this space!

Tuesday, 18 July 2017


                                 This is indeed an auspicious PEACOCK occasion.....
                                                   LAURENCE is my name

                                         Has that not got a beautiful sound to it? 

Dear Natalie won the prize for coming up with my name. What a clever girl she is! Thank you, thank you Natalie! Other names were okay like  -  Percy, Percival, Bollo, Peter, Prince, Fabio, Leonardo  -  but did not suit quite as well.....I am so excited! I can hardly keep my feathers on!  

I don't really want to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, but I have to tell, that I am named after a certain flamboyant, eccentric, celebrity designer, who appeared on our Television screens recently......He is ever so British and I can't help feel so PROUD to be associated with him. 

                                        I just know that I shall live up to his name so....

                      PEACOCK LAURENCE IS MY NAME!!

To get on with my real job of reporting all the latest news............sorry about all that, ahem...strutting & keowwing!

July has been a very busy month starting with our AGM

It was time for the old committee to step down after two years of excellent service.
At the meeting our Group Leader Colleen Castledine thanked the outgoing committee for their support and work & two years of hard work

2015 - 2017 Committee
Colleen Castledine                       Group Leader
Penny Elliott                                 Secretary
Kayleen O'Loughlin                     Treasurer
Ren Devery                                   Librarian
Jane Field                                      Buyer
Margaret Murphy
Maureen Foss

The New Committee was voted in for 2017 - 2019

Kayleen O'Loughlin                      Group Leader
Colleen Castledine                        Vice Group Leader
Dale Green                                    Secretary
Jen Thomson                                 Treasurer
Valerie Rowe                                 Librarian 
Maureen Foss & Judith Smithin   Shop Coordinators
Colleen Castledine                        Outside Tutor Workshop Coordinator

Natalie Jackson                              Stall Coordinator

There have also been a number of non committee positions nominated

Penny Elliott continues on as Facebook/Blog Administrator & Coordinator of Exhibitions.
Valerie Rowe will be the Instagram Administrator.
Lee Nash & Jean Braund are Joint Coordinators of the annual camp
Jean Braund is organiser of refreshments for monthly meetings

With all these capable people around for the next few years we can expect to continue successful and exciting times.

With a deep bow to those appointments....Congratulations to all and a big LAURENCE peck on the cheek to those lovely generous ladies.

 LAURENCE B.F.G.[Beautiful, Fine, Game-Bird]


Congratulations to our talented member Sue Smorthwaite for getting a special mention in the highly competitive Alice Springs Beanie Festival 2017, for her wonderful hare POOKA entered in Magical Worlds