Friday, 13 October 2017

Some current news at last...

Dear Felters....Technology did not allow me to post images while in Europe. It seems an iPad is beyond the pale!

Therefore this is catch up time................

The BFG Felters Downunder have been very active, as usual, over the last few months.....

Overall winner in the Ag Art Competition at the Dardanup Bull and Barrel last weekend

whose garment won the prize for the "Best Out of Town" entry

 Well done ladies

A new member and textile artist Carmen Tyrer from Waroona won 1st prize at the Waroona Show

Not a little bird, but rather a large one by the name of Laurence overheard Colleen reporting that 
"Carmen showed us her beautiful and complex wraps made with ultra-fine local wool, hand dyed and using her own techniques to enable the wool to be felted". 
Laurence is good at eavesdropping as he has also heard some hints that Sue Smorthwaite's work has been selected to go on show again. He is yet to find out more!

It has been reported that Sue#2 is back in Oz. and at the October meeting she gave an excellent demonstration to get the group thinking about interesting edges that add more detail to scarves, clothing, sculpture.

Sue# shows her edges............

...........and what a variety!

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Posting from France

With apologies to the blog readers. This administrator is having difficulties posting from Europe. More to come in 4 weeks time. If internet access becomes easier I shall be making earlier posts. I am sending you some lovely textural surfaces from Montflanquin.................

Further congratulations

Natalie Jackson is to be congratulated for her entry in Fire and Fibre exhibition. She received the People's Choice Award for this striking hat and scarf. 

Well done!!

  The fabulous and hugely talented Natalie Jackson submitted this #hat and #wrap into the #Stirlingstartcentre #fire&fibre exhibition. Natalie won the #viewerschoice award and sold both pieces.  #bunbury #bfg #felt #feltro #chapeau #wearableart

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


CONGRATULATIONS to our former Group Leader Colleen Castledine on her Judges Choice win at the annual Fire, Fibre and Fine Arts at Stirling Street Art Centre. This is a well deserved prize for her beautiful jacket.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Started in CapeTown and finished back in Bunbury

After a huge 'run around' to get onto this account, here I am again with much relief. Google you are annoying at times!! As, I believe it is in WA, cold and overcast, it is the same here in Cape Town, the only difference being that much needed rain is only in the air on this Southern tip of Africa...drought persists.......just the kind of weather for felters....

Laurence is taking a short holiday back in Australia so this keeper can let you have a peek from down here, and send you BFG news and check out the Cape Town felting/textile scene for you.........

Jean demonstrated her stunning warm double layered neckpieces at the July winter meeting just in time..........

Winter analysis by Peter Booth

Which way up?

That moment of cutting

Jean models her finished scarf

Later in July, BFG members and a couple of invited guests were treated to a 2 day workshop by the innovative and charming Andrea Noeske-Parada, who shared her explorations into origami [Traditional Japanese paper folding]. 

Instead of paper she uses fine wool felt, which she ultimately shapes into all manner of body adornments.  Andrea also builds geometric structures into a number of forms, in the footsteps of French artist Victor Vaserely. He produced amazing optical illusions using endless permutations of geometric forms. Andrea challenged our perceptions of what can be done with felt

A happy, well satisfied group

Our efforts many completed 

Andrea accepts a presentation from Colleen

More completed work

Jean diligently eases her pieces together

Some finishing touches

Maureen gets it together

Penny's piece is almost there

Andrea shows how it is done

Conversion...from paper to felt!

Completed bracelet

Funny how we could not get away from geometric shapes on the day!

Some members relaxing with Andrea over dinner after all those geometric challenges

Tuesday, 18 July 2017


                                 This is indeed an auspicious PEACOCK occasion.....
                                                   LAURENCE is my name

                                         Has that not got a beautiful sound to it? 

Dear Natalie won the prize for coming up with my name. What a clever girl she is! Thank you, thank you Natalie! Other names were okay like  -  Percy, Percival, Bollo, Peter, Prince, Fabio, Leonardo  -  but did not suit quite as well.....I am so excited! I can hardly keep my feathers on!  

I don't really want to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, but I have to tell, that I am named after a certain flamboyant, eccentric, celebrity designer, who appeared on our Television screens recently......He is ever so British and I can't help feel so PROUD to be associated with him. 

                                        I just know that I shall live up to his name so....

                      PEACOCK LAURENCE IS MY NAME!!

To get on with my real job of reporting all the latest news............sorry about all that, ahem...strutting & keowwing!

July has been a very busy month starting with our AGM

It was time for the old committee to step down after two years of excellent service.
At the meeting our Group Leader Colleen Castledine thanked the outgoing committee for their support and work & two years of hard work

2015 - 2017 Committee
Colleen Castledine                       Group Leader
Penny Elliott                                 Secretary
Kayleen O'Loughlin                     Treasurer
Ren Devery                                   Librarian
Jane Field                                      Buyer
Margaret Murphy
Maureen Foss

The New Committee was voted in for 2017 - 2019

Kayleen O'Loughlin                      Group Leader
Colleen Castledine                        Vice Group Leader
Dale Green                                    Secretary
Jen Thomson                                 Treasurer
Valerie Rowe                                 Librarian 
Maureen Foss & Judith Smithin   Shop Coordinators
Colleen Castledine                        Outside Tutor Workshop Coordinator

Natalie Jackson                              Stall Coordinator

There have also been a number of non committee positions nominated

Penny Elliott continues on as Facebook/Blog Administrator & Coordinator of Exhibitions.
Valerie Rowe will be the Instagram Administrator.
Lee Nash & Jean Braund are Joint Coordinators of the annual camp
Jean Braund is organiser of refreshments for monthly meetings

With all these capable people around for the next few years we can expect to continue successful and exciting times.

With a deep bow to those appointments....Congratulations to all and a big LAURENCE peck on the cheek to those lovely generous ladies.

 LAURENCE B.F.G.[Beautiful, Fine, Game-Bird]


Congratulations to our talented member Sue Smorthwaite for getting a special mention in the highly competitive Alice Springs Beanie Festival 2017, for her wonderful hare POOKA entered in Magical Worlds

Monday, 3 July 2017

Monday Musings

Being a Monday, and having been in the midst of Monday chores, as many of you no doubt have been ....BEWARE or DELIGHT......A new take on "House Cleaning"  by Andrea Graham.
She is a fascinating multi media artist but is a great Felter..........
Check out where the love of Feltmaking [and not so much, housework] can lead
Happy Felting............

Thursday, 29 June 2017

June Meeting: A 3D Panorama & Silk Paper

In June........

Sue#1 treated us to a silk paper demonstration

Colleen's showed us how, with Picture Panoramas..........

Sue#1 makes silk paper
Colleen's sideways canola fields

Close up and upright of canola fields
Trying with other colours and other attachment methods

.......An African landscape...Rhino hiding maybe behind the trees!

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Soosie's Reef Dwellers workshop

6th and 7th May saw some amazing marine inhabitants come to life. Soosie Jobson presented 'Reef Dwellers' workshop

Soosie and sea horses
Colleen and her fish

Dale has a different fish

Jean gets some tentacles going
The beginnings of Kayleen's mermaid

.......and shows a successful result at the June meeting

Kylie makes a mermaid

Sue#2 and her tentacles
........Something fishy too Sue

Lee fixing tentacles
Sandra rolling, rolling. rolling...............
Thanks Soosie
BFG Participants with their'Reef Dwellers'
L to R: Sue#2, Jean, Kayleen, Colleen, Dale, Lee, Kylie

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Winter Morsels in June

Here we are in the middle of the year - midwinter!  Hard to comprehend. Outside the Sunday afternoon sun is shining warmly and brightly in the South West. In another hour the cold will descend upon us, but who can complain with such sun-filled days?  This is Winter after all. However there is a bonus - being or living with a Felter has its definite seasonal [and social] advantages! ........

Just in time for the weather it was Natalie's workshop turn in April....... She was armed with plenty of information for newcomers, and hints for the more experienced to refine our HAT MAKING skills. This workshop was detailed and carefully planned and the outcome facilitated more professional results and stylish hats... Thanks Natalie!

Natalie coaxing the fibres on a resist.....

Wetting and working the felt.... 

......and this is how it should look after the resist is taken out

...shaping on a hat block...

Ren checks out the stylish result

May revealed the secret of those chic and trendy BOHO wraps. BFG members had the fabulous opportunity to learn how to construct one of their own. Mother and daughter team Denise and Natalie were on hand to show us how..........first whetting our appetites with a showing of some delicious completed work!

Ahhh...such well chosen combinations!

Natalie shows.....
....Judith admires!
Denise displays a stunning green shawl......
Natalie showing us another way to go!

Denise carefully lays  out the wool 

...another shawl detail

                         Sue#1 shows another wrap                    New member Kylie uses the technique to make a wall hanging


    Dale gets into out for BFG members results at the next meeting!

We had a welcome visitor from Perth. Tutor and Felt maker extraordinaire  Soosie Jobson presented a second workshop "Reef Dwellers"  during the May weekend. 

Sue#2 checking out the marine species with Soosie
Kylie produced a quirky mermaid

WATCH THIS SPACE FOR MORE CREATIONS.........................................

Related Poem Content Details

There's a certain Slant of light, 
Winter Afternoons –

..........More enlightening techniques in June
Sue#1 demonstrates  silk paper making

More June news to follow................................

BFG  Members Listening and learning