Sunday, 25 April 2010

April Show and Talk

April's meeting focussed on making vessels, so to finish off our Show and Talk  here are some of the vessels that were brought in.

This is by Val, it was felted around a flat resist.

This one was felted around a ball shape and the base was cut to remove it then stitched back up. It is by Sue.

This is another piece by Sue.  Note the Paua shell felted in.

Here is Val's jelly fish floating around the Stirling Street Arts Centre's grounds. (It was hard to photograph - it wouldn't stay still!)

From above you can see it is definitely a female!

We look forward to seeing all the vessels made at the April meeting at our next Show and Talk.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

April Show and Talk continued

As well as hats and tea cosies we have been creating plenty of things to wear.  Just take a look.

Davida transformed a cardigan by adding felt edges.

And a back panel.

For extra warmth Davida made this:

It looks like this from the back

This bag is by Brenda

Brenda also did these scarves.  They look great worn together.

This nuno scarf is by Kim Pearce

Blue and greens seem to be popular as they always look fresh.

The next post will be the last on our show and talk for March and will be looking at some of the vessels that were displayed.  Look in soon.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

April Show and Talk - Tea Anyone?

Now the mad hatters are assembled it's time for tea and as anyone who has hosted a tea party knows a good brew needs a good tea cosy.  Let's have a look to see what's on the table.

This one by Val looks as if the brew beneath will be strong enough to wake the dormouse. It has certainly put a fizz on the felt and looks fabulous.

This one by Kerry  is definitely fit for the the Queen of Hearts. 

This elegant cosy is Dorothy's very first piece of felt.  Congratulations to her.  It is beautiful.  We think it will have a silver teapot full of Earl Grey beneath it and will certainly be Alice's choice.

Which one will you pick?

All the above will be on display at the Stirling Street Art Centre's Autumn Fair on Sunday 18th April.  There are some excellent prizes for the best cosy so good luck everyone.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Stirling Street Art Centre Autumn Fair 18th April

The Autumn Fair is on this Sunday 18th April. 

There will be a number of fund raising events for the Art Centre so please help by:
  • Get baking and donate a cake to the ever popular cake stall.
  • Donate an item for the raffle.
  • Give something to the White Elephant Stall.

And remember to come along and support all the stall holders and help make the Autumn Fair a great event.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

April Show and Talk - Hats from March

Mad as a March Hare or Mad as a Hatter.  Two sayings appropriate for our March meeting which was hat making month and didn't we do well with some beautiful examples of felt millinery being brought along on Friday.

Two happy hatters start proceedings off:

What is Val doing?

Davida's hat as she designed it,

Then styled by Joan.

Kim's interactive hat.

Davida always does two!

This lovely one is Marianne's.

Roses and velvet from Jacqui.

Val creates with rose felt and silk.

Colleen's rainbow brim.

Don't you wish you had an autumn wedding to go to!