Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Merry Month of May

The month has just begun and we have already had a winner at the Common Threads Wearable Art Competition and a winner at the Stirling Street Arts Centre "Hearts" Challenge......not a bad start.

Our monthly meeting project this month was on the colour wheel. Colour is such an important thing  to think about when working on a felt project.

Show and Tell

Emma's beaded Heart Challenge, Rosemary with her Heart Challenge entry
and Sue#1's Heart Challenge scarf.

Julies scarf 

2 hats by Sue#2  

Nuno felted waistcoat by Sue#2 and Kerry wearing her apron with the de-constructed print after attending the Kerr Grabowski workshop last month.

Vals entry (not finished yet) for the Beanie Festival, looking like a spaceship - the theme this year is "Out of this World"

Jacquie has been working with indigo dyes and told us of the lengthy process needed to create these amazing colours and patterns.

2014 Common Threads Wearable Art

This year the theme for the Common Threads Wearable Art Competition was DRIFT.

Here are the Bunbury Felting Group members entries for the Common Threads Wearable Art competition, together with their artist statements. Nine members entered, seven got through to the final Showcase on Sunday 4th May, and Sue Seaman won the "Open Individual"section of the competition.
Well done Sue#1

Sue Seaman - STARRY NIGHT - Winner of the Open Individual Section.
This garment was inspired by the moon and stars drifting across the night sky. Hand felted black wool on organza with appliqu├ęd silk and thousands of hand sewn beads. Garment modelled by her granddaughter Hannah.

Brenda Warner - GAP YEAR
Like foam on the waves or clouds in the sky, you could float from one thing to another. Don't drift around or you may lose the plot.

Jacqueline Gibson - SAFETY IN NUMBERS?
This garment considers the impact drift-net fishing has on species evolved to swim in large schools and questions whether there is still safety in numbers.

 Jane Patterson - IN LOVING MEMORY
Jane's garment was created by felting feathers into the garment and various other textile art techniques. Her inspiration came from her love for her grandmother.

Jean Braund - WIND SWEPT
Jean's work explores "Drift"in the context of a unique natural event occurring in the D'Entrecasteaux National Park on the coast of southern Western Australia.

The slow movement from consciousness to sleep, the "Drift". We are carried, like water, gently to our dreams. Garment is constructed of steel, felt and leather.

Kim Pearce - BUNKER BAY
Kim loves the ocean and regular walks along the beach at Bunker Bay folowed by a swim in the ocean as it lifts her spirit.

 Sue Smorthwaite - EBB AND FLOW
Sue's felt and muslin garment was inspired by her family, drifting international flotsam, snagged, finally, on a bleached groyne on Yallingups shore.

Val Hornibrook - RAW EDGE
The drift of seasons on the farm creates wool on sheep that drift from one paddock to another. Using hand felting techniques, seeds and grasses drift to the surface when movement and agitation occurs.

April Monthly Meeting

This months project was on how to make up small items such as needle cases and glasses cases. Great ideas for gifts or items for market stalls.

Kerry's colourful needle case examples

Show and Telll

Kim's hat, detail on Lorraine's hat, Sue#2's completed hat (the demo piece at March meeting)

Maureen's alpaca scarf and Lorraine's waistcoat

Monday, 5 May 2014

March Monthly Meeting

This months project was on how to make hats (bags or anything with a resist).


Sue#2 demonstrating how to make a hat using a resist, and the hat, embellished with knitting wool and silk hankies, ready to cut open and remove the resist before the final shrinking and felting. (tune in to next months show and tell to see how it turns out)

March Show and Tell

Margaret's Alpaca wool jacket with eco-dyed pannels

Jane's winning entry for the SSAC Biggest Morning Tea flower pot competition.
(We didn't know that then!)