Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Merry Month of May

The month has just begun and we have already had a winner at the Common Threads Wearable Art Competition and a winner at the Stirling Street Arts Centre "Hearts" Challenge......not a bad start.

Our monthly meeting project this month was on the colour wheel. Colour is such an important thing  to think about when working on a felt project.

Show and Tell

Emma's beaded Heart Challenge, Rosemary with her Heart Challenge entry
and Sue#1's Heart Challenge scarf.

Julies scarf 

2 hats by Sue#2  

Nuno felted waistcoat by Sue#2 and Kerry wearing her apron with the de-constructed print after attending the Kerr Grabowski workshop last month.

Vals entry (not finished yet) for the Beanie Festival, looking like a spaceship - the theme this year is "Out of this World"

Jacquie has been working with indigo dyes and told us of the lengthy process needed to create these amazing colours and patterns.

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