Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Started in CapeTown and finished back in Bunbury

After a huge 'run around' to get onto this account, here I am again with much relief. Google you are annoying at times!! As, I believe it is in WA, cold and overcast, it is the same here in Cape Town, the only difference being that much needed rain is only in the air on this Southern tip of Africa...drought persists.......just the kind of weather for felters....

Laurence is taking a short holiday back in Australia so this keeper can let you have a peek from down here, and send you BFG news and check out the Cape Town felting/textile scene for you.........

Jean demonstrated her stunning warm double layered neckpieces at the July winter meeting just in time..........

Winter analysis by Peter Booth

Which way up?

That moment of cutting

Jean models her finished scarf

Later in July, BFG members and a couple of invited guests were treated to a 2 day workshop by the innovative and charming Andrea Noeske-Parada, who shared her explorations into origami [Traditional Japanese paper folding]. 

Instead of paper she uses fine wool felt, which she ultimately shapes into all manner of body adornments.  Andrea also builds geometric structures into a number of forms, in the footsteps of French artist Victor Vaserely. He produced amazing optical illusions using endless permutations of geometric forms. Andrea challenged our perceptions of what can be done with felt

A happy, well satisfied group

Our efforts many completed 

Andrea accepts a presentation from Colleen

More completed work

Jean diligently eases her pieces together

Some finishing touches

Maureen gets it together

Penny's piece is almost there

Andrea shows how it is done

Conversion...from paper to felt!

Completed bracelet

Funny how we could not get away from geometric shapes all day!

Some members relaxing with Andrea over dinner after all those geometric challenges

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