Saturday, 25 December 2010

Happy Christmas

As we settle down to enjoy some time to enjoy our friends and family over the Christmas period here are some of the photos from our lovely Christmas lunch at Gloria's.

Great selection of food courtesy of everyone who brought a plate and of course Gloria who cooked the ham.

The theme was red so everyone was wearing it.  Marrianne had made her amazing dress on her knitting machine.

Marrianne's dress detail

Marrianne was not the only one showing off something she had made.  Kim kindly modelled Val's WOW bra

Kim and  the proud bra maker.

Don't know what the joke was but it certainly made us laugh

Maureen had some more prize winning alpaca creations -

The colours in this vest are just gorgeous-

Close up detail

Kim had made a beautiful flower edged scarf -

And a bright pink one -

Great day ladies.  Have a wonderful Christmas and see you all first Friday of February.

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