Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Felt from the Convergence

Keeping vigil outside the dining room were the "Four Elements" an installation created especially for the Convergence -

"Fire" was created by Davida Palmer who loves colour and dyeing so she had some fun creating this dynamic piece with felt and muslin.

Dot Oliver was the artist who created the mermaid like "Water".

Jacqui Gibson created "Air" a froth of felt shibori work.

And mother "Earth" created by Jean Braund.  Love the way the skirt is hitched  - this is the wild west after all!

The dye pots were in use when creating this piece as you can see.


 The Elements surrounded  a boat on their voyage to circle the globe.

This boat was very kindly created for us by the amazing weaver Pamela Grima.

 Pamela makes you look at your compost heap in an entirely different way and get you wondered why you chucked all that good stuff in there.  An hour with her and you are looking at your garden with a completely new eye.


 Just look at the bow detailed here -

We like to think that the "Four Elements" captured the essence of the 11th Southern Hemisphere Felting Convergence.  We need Air for life, the Earth grows our sheep and wool, Water is essential in the making of our felt and Fire is in our creative hearts and we forge both our craft and more importantly our friendships.

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