Saturday, 12 May 2012

Meeting the Aplpacas in May

Many thanks to Maureen who was a fabulous host welcoming us all to Rock View Alpacas to get fleeced with their family of 35 gorgeous girls and boys or to be more correct we should say "Hembras" and "Machos".

There was a little drizzle so we soon turfed the animals out of the shed and took shelter there.

Maureen knows each one by name.

They are the most attractive animals,  They stood and starred at us and we stood and starred at them.

Cute fringe huh.
This one's a mummy alpaca and baby had a feed.

Maureen knows each of them by name and was determined that we should be able to give them a pat.  They were a little wary so a bit of force was applied.

This one's a boy and as all macho males are he was not going to be told what to do by a woman.

When they'd finished the tango we decided we'd skip the next dance and went off to be shown fleece, carding and soup!

Thanks to Maureen and Kerry for making the soup, Brenda for her home made bread and to everyone who brought in eats.  We certainly weren't going to starve.

Thanks again for a great day.  Rock View Alpacas - you rock.

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