Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Sculpture The Bay

Our first big event this year was the Dunsborough Sculpture By The Bay Exhibition, held along the Dunsborough Foreshore at the beginning of March.

The group entry was titled "Felting Around The Elements" 
"Inspired by the sea, the native bush and wide open skies, our hand-made felt pieces are sewn together to interpret the natural flow from water to land to air. The versatility of felt enables us to explore the shapes, forms and textures of nature, resulting in a very tactile work of art"

With the felted pieces handed in at the February meeting, Sue#2, Jean, Kerry and Kim set about sewing them onto the vessel shape (thanks to Greg for making the vessel, and to Catherine who had sewn on the underlay beforehand).

The finished piece was much admired by the judges and the public alike.....encouragement for us to do something again for next years exhibition.

Photos of "Felting Around The Elements" taken by Jenny Stukely

Participants making felt balls at the demonstration led by Kerry 

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