Sunday, 7 December 2014

Christmas Party

Margaret and Jane hosted our Christmas Lunch last Friday at their wonderful homes in Bridgetown. We had a super lunch, with the dishes provided by those who attended.
Our gift exchange this year was needle cases, so we each ended up with a truly unique piece of work, and something practical that we are sure to use regularly.

What do you call a collection of needle cases?

Needle cases made by Colleen and Denise

Needle cases made by Penny and Sue#2

Needle cases made by Kerry and Jean

Needle cases made by Margaret and Ren

Needle cases made by Jane and Julie

Needle cases made by Emma and Kayleen

Pasty bought in two needle cases that she made for this months show and tell.

Sue Seaman's scarves have been dry felted. The scarf on the right has also been dyed with coffee, giving it a wonderfully subtle colour.

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