Sunday, 17 May 2015

Balingup Small Farm Field Day, 18th April

The Balingup Small Farm Field Day is a great venue. This year we decided to showcase chairs and accessories as our part of the fashion parade. People were again impressed with not only the quality of our work, but the versatility of felt.

We also say a huge thank you to our model Victoria Gelmi and to Aden Gelmi for taking all the photos of the fashion parade.

Lorraine did a wonderful job as compare 

Jeans stool, hat and wrap and Sue#2's chair bag and hat

Penny's chair and bag and Kerry's stool and Lorraine's wrap

 Ren's poppy chair and Kayleen's stool, bag and scarf

Colleen's chair and wrap and Sue#1's chair, cuffs and headband

Lorraine's chair

Victoria modelling  Lorraine's large pink and blue wraps and Maureen's pink scarf

Colleen's scarf and Maureen teaching two little girls how to make felt balls

Thank you to the members (and some husbands and sons) that helped out with the stall during the day and for contributing to the fashion parade.

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