Friday, 10 July 2015

July Meeting

Mid-year already, so much to do, so little time.....

We held our AGM at the July meeting and elected the new committee (I've been Group leader for 2 years! My... how time flies!)

I would like to thank the outgoing Committee for all their hard work and support over the last 2 years in ironing out several major issues, and putting in place the Rules of Association.

And Welcome in the new Committee;

  • Colleen Castledine was elected as the new Group Leader
  • Sue Smorthwaite is the Vice Chairperson and BFG Facebook & Blog editor
  • Penny Elliott remains as our Secretary
  • Kayleen O'Loughlin becomes the new Treasurer
  • Margaret Murphy remains on the committee
  • Maureen Foss was elected to the committee
  • Ren Devery takes over the Library duties and is also a committee member
  • Jane Field remains our Shop Supplier and commitee member

This months workshop on felt flowers was taken by Jane, Ren and Margaret,
our Bridgetown Girls.
Ren and Jane demonstrating various flower and stem designs

Margaret's flowers

Ren's flowers

Jane's flowers

Penny bought these delightful people along for show and tell

A pair of cuffs made at the June meeting

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