Wednesday, 23 September 2015


At the beginning of the month Emma White led the monthly group tutorial and showed us how to make textured and embellished cords. They were great fun and easy to make, lending themselves to all sorts of future applications.

We have also had our annual felting camp, time away from the house to catch up on all those unfinished felting projects and try out some new techniques. 

Emma White showing us how to make felted, embellished cords.

Emma's sample cords..

 Cords made by Penny Elliott (L), Ren Devery(R)

and Kayleen O'Loughlin.

September Show and Tell
Emma White's hand dyed scarf and her felted cords and bark inspired piece.

Jane Field modelling Colleen Castledine's cape.

New member Carole Barrington's first nuno scarf.

Penny Elliott's beautifully embroidered felt collar and felt landscape.

Felt Camp......17th - 20th September at Augusta.

The Augusta Camp site

This years Felting Gang (minus Ren)

Brenda Warner and her nuno mosaic of many colours

Colleen Castledine and her Ipad cover

Jane Field after a hard afternoon of felting her lovely purses.

Jean Braund rolling away.

Glad to see Julie Williams back rolling after her shoulder op.

Penny Elliott wetting out her felt, her finished bag and eco-dyed silk.

This space is left for a picture of Margaret Murphy.......we know you were there!

 A perfect situation, felting, stitching and chocolate.

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