Sunday, 29 May 2016

May Monthly Meeting

This month Sue Seaman showed us how to use cold water dyes as another option for colouring or painting onto felt. Sue also hosted another New Members morning workshop.

Sue# taking new members Natalie and Cecilia through the basics of felt making.

Show and Tell

Kim with two of her hand dyed silk tops.

Maureen with her finished Jacket from Fiona Duthie's workshop and dress that won her a the Peoples Choice Award at the Whiteman Park Alpaca Show last month.

New member Natalie showing off two of her wonderful hats

Valerie's finished scarf from the Shifting Shapes workshop with Nancy Ballesteros from Treetops Colour Harmonies. 

Sue#2 and Margaret with their tops

Colleen and Kayleen with their finished tops.


Embroidered Memories said...

You girls are doing great work. I am very envious of all your lovely felted items.

Sue, did you paint on felt with Landscape dyes?
Miss you all very much. Love Brenda

Embroidered Memories said...

Hi Maureen, Congratulations on your dress and jacket win. The photo is a bit small but the outfit looks fantastic.