Saturday, 29 October 2016


This blogger is all 'blogged up' trying to get onto the "Spot" again, but here I am again, finally [thanks to Sue#2 again] to share the latest news and views of the BFG 'group'.

A small number of our group, joined by several one-day-stayers, enjoyed a great 3 day camp down South in October. Brenda came all the way from Freo to be with her old felting friends.

Brenda felting up a storm for Felt 'n Stitch

                                                                    Our lovely leader Colleen

                                                             Jean....what new surprises?!

                                                                       'Project Julie'

                                                               A 'jigsaw' from Kayleen

                                                               Lee's 'becoming' beanie

                                                          Our resident eco-dyer Margaret

                                                                    Penny's planning

                                                                     Val's Koala capers

                                                            Lots of laughs and work together

                                             Missing photographer Colleen no doubt will have snapped
                                                            this core weekend group


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