Saturday, 10 December 2016

The diversity of BFG members in 2016

Some the creations which came out of the BFG group in 2016.....and more yet to come


                                                          Sue Smorthwaite's captivating "Alfie and I "portrait........

.......and Bird beanie on view at the Beanie Festival

More birds at the Festival - Penny's 'Pelicola' beanie 
Colleen's elegant dress at the Dardanup Wearable Art Show

From the workshop of Natalie & Denise

"Solly the Seagull's Catch" who caught a Brunswick Show prize for Penny

Penny's completed "French field" [behind perspex]

Jean's guitar aired at the Bridgetown Blues Festival

Close up
Kerry's self portrait
One of Natalie's Boho wraps

....and another
Ever felted water? Sue has!

........yet another glorious boho wrap from Natalie & denise

Not forgetting Val's amazing Beanie for a Motor Festival

Sue#2's striking vesse

Penny's Peacock neck piece

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