Sunday, 3 April 2016


 At Friday's monthly meeting we were delighted to appoint Lorraine McArthur a Life Member. 
Colleen Castledine our group leader read out the following;

Welcome everyone… to be a part of this auspicious occasion – because nominating someone to become a Life Member of a group such as ours recognises that the nominee has to have attained  2 main requirements, both of which are not readily accomplished.

Firstly, they have to have been part of the group for a generous amount of time. Lorraine first caught the felting back way back in the mid 70’s, and 4 decades on she is still a regular face at meetings when she’s not swanning around in the caravan having a lovely time or dealing these days with dicky hips.

Secondly, under our association rules, the nominee must demonstrate an exceptional and continuous contribution to the art of felting.

Lorraine has been sharing her depth and breadth of knowledge and experience not only to us over the course of many years but to other groups around the state.
She could always be relied upon to create stunning original garments or other felted articles when the call went out for catwalk or exhibition pieces and of late is making a habit of gathering Beanie Festival prizes. No doubt there have been numerous other awards and prizes over the years.

 Many of Lorraine’s pieces are inspired by her surroundings (eg. the magnificent Stretch outfit celebrating the colours and flowers of the desert & Sturt Pea) or by the events in her life – and brought to life as hats and mats bearing scenes of geese and rose gardens (& what happens when the 2  meet) and frocks and trousers and tops covered in cyclones (just the few that I can remember). 

 We are honoured to share our felting journey with those who have forged the way, considering felting is a relatively new artistic expression in the Western world. In fact it was this very group, the Bunbury Felters, that began it all in Western Australia back in the 70’s. Many talented artisans from the group have since made their mark in the felting world and have been responsible for putting felt into mainstream art in our part of the world.

So today celebrates and recognises Lorraine’s dedication and accomplishments.

Jean & Davida have made a memento for the occasion & I have a photo book which unfortunately doesn't document your early years & contains a couple of dodgy photos for which I apologise. 
Hopefully you'll have a chuckle and fond memories whenever you go for a short trip down memory lane whenever you open it.

Colleen presenting the photo book to Lorraine, and Lorraine with Davida discussing the work involved in creating the wonderful wall hanging. (Davida made the tiles, and Jean, who was not able to attend as she was on her way to Melbourne, made the Shibori dyed felt)

Detail showing the wonderful Shibori effects in the felt and Lorraine in her swim suit (Lorraine is a passionate swimmer)

Morning Tea provided by the committee (we never go hungry at our events!)

Monthly Project; Holey Cuffs with Colleen

Colleen demonstrated how to make cuffs with a resist

Colleens demonstration cuff - finished

Show and Tell
Hats made by Leah (L) and Jen (R)

Jen with her colourful wall hanging and a photo showing some of the detail

3D urchin by Sue#2

Jen's vessel

Colleens cuffs

Penny's finish jacket from the Fiona Durhie workshop

Rosemary and Valerie have pieced together our squares for the floor cushion.

Remember that we will be at the SSAC Makers Market & Vintage Fair  on the 17th April showcasing felt art to wear garments and at Balingup Small Farm Field Day on the 23rd with a stall and fashion show.
Hope to see you there...........

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