Thursday, 28 April 2016

Art to Wear Exhibition at the SSAC

Jean Braund and her helpers did an amazing job hanging an exhibition of art to wear garments from past STRETCH Common Threads Wearable Art competitions as part of the SSAC Vintage and Makers Fair held on the 17th April. 
BFG members Kerry Gelmi, Sue Seaman and Sue smorthwaite had their garments displayed along with other garments on loan from Mandurah.

Sue Seaman's white cape in the forefront

Sue Smorthwaite's garment in the background and Kerry Gelmi's in the foreground.

Common Threads Wearable Art Competition pieces on display at the SSAC

Colleen Castledine demonstrating how to make a piece of felt and Sue Seaman waiting for her turn to demonstrate felt making to the public. 

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