Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Back Bloggs

Yes, I still have my training wheels on, but am happy to say have finally cracked the code how to file photos to go on the Blog...... Now for some back news....

In September we enjoyed an Eco-dyeing experience led by master boiler Margaret.....with billies bubbling in the yard, and metres of fabric smelling of all manner of organic stuff we plunged our parcels into the steaming cauldrons....[shades of Macbeth's witches came to mind]...after the....bubble, bubble toiling and troubling..[apologies Shakespeare!] There were some very good results, and not so good ones..[this writer in this case sadly fell into the latter category]. However here is the photographic evidence to show that BFG still has it in the Eco stakes!

Margaret prepares.....

....and rolls
...and instructs!

Sue's yellow shirt

Sue's concertina Eco-book completed

Close-Up of Eco book

Judith's first Eco-dyeing

Helen's silk length

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