Sunday, 27 November 2016

Celebrating November

Event No. 2 was our annual Christmas luncheon jointly held at Penny and Kayleens' residences
We also celebrated Kayleen's birthday

Christmas treasurers around the tree

A birthday surprise for host Kayleen from the other host Penny

Kayleen, Jane and Jean

Our handmade little treasure boxes

Denise, Maureen and Julie enjoying a Spring day 

Jane, Jackie, Jean &  Kayleen 

Lorraine, Carole and Natalie enjoying lunch

Lots of good conversation and food

Kayleen, Jane with Honey, Jean and Kerry

Treasure chests were swapped

Carole and Natalie



Kim and Denise



Sue#1 and  Julie

Penny and Honey who joined in the fun

Maureen and Lorraine in conversation


Jacqui our surprise guest from Tassie

Judith and Dale

The dessert table
The table from the other end

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