Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Art Bra

We recently published a series of Art Bra posts on the 11th Southern Hemisphere Felting Convergence blog about a “Celebrity Art Bra” event that was held earlier this year to to raise funds for the Val Lishman Health Research Foundation Breast Cancer Survivors Project.

As we all have friends and family that have been affected by the disease The Bunbury Felters were keen to get involved and create some art bras for the event.
A celebrity was chosen for each artist to create a “bra” for.
Kerry Gelmi's celebrity was Luc Longley - the now retired Australian professional basketball player, who was the first Australian to play in the NBA, where he played for eleven seasons.   There is no doubt as to Luc's skills with this clever bra  -
Artist - K Gelmi
The fabric bra incorporates stitching and a hand crafted metal framework.
Artist - Kerry Gelmi
 A basket ball was included.
Artist - Kerry Gelmi

You can even score a goal!
Artist - Kerry Gelmi

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