Friday, 23 December 2011

Art Bra

The last of our series of Art Bra  about a “Celebrity Art Bra” event that was held earlier this year to  to raise funds for the Val Lishman Health Research Foundation Breast Cancer Survivors Project is this Bra was created by keen felter and textile artist - Davida Palmer.

Artist Davida Palmer
Davida was to be inspired by the writer Tim Winton, so her bra incorporates the printed word to communicate the important message about breast cancer.

Artist - Davida Palmer
 In the past carrier pidgeons were used to carry important messages so Davida incorporates one into the Bra. 

Davida has been collecting  feathers  from  Bronze Wing Pingeons for years as she loves the decorations on the feathers and this seem the ideal opportunity to use them.

Artist - Davida Palmer
 But it's an up to date carrier pidgeon as you can see below.

Artist  - Davida Palmer

Artist - Davida Palmer

Artist - Davida Palmer
Every thing nestles is some fallen leaves.
It's brilliant isn't it.

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