Saturday, 10 December 2011

A Prefix

We recently had a day out to visit an exhibition of fibre and textile works at the Western Australian Museum - Perth Cultural Centre, James Street, Northbridge.

Developed to celebrate the 30 year Sister State relationship between Western Australia and Hyogo, Japan this exhibition brings together works from 50 Western Australian and Japanese artists that reflect on the rich universal traditions embedded within contemporary fibre and textile practice.

Getting into the museum, you first have to sneak past this rather wonderful dinosaur who guards the entrance foyer -

Then straight up the stairs into the Museums magnificent Hackett Hall Gallery. This is looking up at the beautiful stenciled ceiling -

There are many textile pieces on display in this exhibition, both large -.

In forground - work by Nobuko Hiroi

Section of Wall Hanging by Artist - Trudi Pollard

Section of Wall Hanging

And smaller works -

Artist - Misako Kitagawa

Artist - Chie Sakai

Artist - Haruko Honma

Artist - Marianne Penberthy

Artist - Nalda Searles

Artist - Megan Kirwan-Ward

Of course there were also some felt pieces but you'll have to wait until the next post to see them. 

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